In a nation where the average R & D spend is less than 0.5% of revenues, where less than 1% of all companies in the Pharmaceutical/traditional medicine sector have an active R & D program, Amsar is a torch bearer. When Research & Development was a term for academia, Amsar established India's first private sector R & D laboratory recognized by the Government of India, in 1979. Nearly 30 years of R & D experience has given Amsar an unparalleled technological advantage that remains miles ahead of anyone today.

At Amsar, science meets tradition in an environment of mutual admiration. We respect the wisdom of the ages, the unquestionable facts of traditional medicine and we bring modern scientific processes to validate the claims made by wise men hundreds of years ago. The claims of traditional texts are indisputable, the consistency of modern day production and the processes employed to produce medicines are increasingly becoming a target for scientific scrutiny. Nature hold's many secrets and will continue to do so long after the last man has walked this earth. We must ensure that we are not in conflict with nature, Amsar employs technologies that are synergetic with nature, validates and standardizes it and above all maintains the integrity of naturally occurring compounds.

Our exhaustive R & D effort begins with Ethno botanical investigations, understanding traditional claims, subjecting these to chemical and pharmacological scrutiny and then producing an extract that bears exactly the same configuration of naturally occurring compounds as the original plant, but in a concentrated form to enable modern day formulators to deliver valid doses in reasonable presentation.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

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